Ranking "My Love Marks" is an expression of consumers’ preferences for particular brands in various industries. It shows not only the preferences, but a true emotional attachment to particular brands that we would miss if they disappear. Our favorite brands are elected only by a ballot by the end users. Ranking features different categories, from which each participant has the opportunity to determine his favorite brand. The criterion, by which the marks in different categories will be placed, is the number of votes.

FIRST STAGE NOMINATIONS. In pre-selected categories, each consumer after registration nominates his favorite marks in sixteen categories at least. After the nomination is completed, in each category remain the six marks with highest number of nominations.

SECOND STAGE VOTING on nominated brands. In each category consumers vote for maximum three of the six nominated marks, in minimum twenty categories. Brands, reached the finals, will be announced in BG Business Review Magazine and Business Lady Magazine. These 75 marks go to the Third Stage – the fight for first, second and third place in their category.

THIRD STAGE FINAL VOTING, PLACING AND AWARDS. In the last stage of the ranking you vote for one of the three marks in each category, and voting will be concluded with a special ceremony. Brands of all categories will be announced and awarded according to their ranking. The big award – Grand Prix and the title "Love Mark of the Year" - will be bestowed to the brand, received highest number of votes. All marks, ranked first in their category, will have the opportunity to acquire the right to be called “Favorite mark in Bulgaria”, mentioning the category.

Awards from Business Lady Magazine – honorary diploma for Number 1 brand in each category, awards from the sponsors and a 50 % discount for commercial publications in Business Lady Magazine (go to the CEO or the brand manager of the company).

Users nominate and vote by confirming their choice through a link, sent automatically to the e-mail address, given by them for feedback. Unconfirmed votes will not be counted!